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Weekly Entertainment News # 35

Will.I.Am says Cher Lloyd should have been a bigger star

It seems that Will.I.Am is bitter about Simon Cowell's decisions in managing Cher Lloyd's career.

He has reportedly said  "She should have been the biggest star in the world, she should have had the coolest freaking music. “But they didn't treat her right. They juice the contestants to get people to watch TV. That is wrong. I can’t do that, I am not going to be a part of that."


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"I Believe in Me"

This weeks motivational/inspirational quote

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Weekly Music Entertainment News # 34

As predicted by industry insiders and noted in last week's blog, Bruce Springsteen has knocked my English belle Adele off the top of the Billboard 200 charts with his new album "Wrecking Ball."

This is Bruce Springsteen's 10th number 1 album and there have been a limited amount of artists that have accomplished this achievement, so far i.e. Jay Z, Elvis Prieley and the Beatles.



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Wednesday's Quote Of the Day

Welcome to the first edition of my inspirational/encouraging words blog.

Today's quote is   

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Weekly Music Entertainment News # 33

One of my favourite female artists Keri Hilson has landed a role in the movie 'Riddik' which also stars Van Diesel.  Keri also recently starred in Steve Harvey's film 'Think Like A Man.'

Kerri is also working on her third studio album and she recently told The Boombox;

“I’ve just been in the studio. I’ve also taken a step back from taking so many shows and accepting every single offer. I wanted to live and experience new things. That’s what I really like to do between every single album. Just take a few months off and live life. I thought it was important to allow my home family and personal relationships to flourish again. Because you can lose a lot of that… you miss a lot of things.

I’m working on a new sound,. I just love to challenge myself. My first two albums to me were incredible. They were a moment in time. ‘In A Perfect World’ was very emotional and tapped into how I was feeling at the time. And my last album, ‘No Boys Allowed,’ that’s how I was feeling at the time as well [laughs]. I was being very territorial, very instructional on how to become a man and what we deserved and demanded as women. The new music has kind of both sides: very emotional, but I’ve also gone through some hurt in the past couple of years. I’ll be explaining some things.”


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Weekly Music Entertainment News # 32

Welcome to this week's edition of my Music Entertainment blog.

Sony records have confirmed that hackers have stolen over 50,0000 song files from their database including Michael Jackson's entire back catalogue which also include a vast number of unreleased tracks.

Apparently the hackers stole personal data via Sony's PlayStation Network and were able to collect information from 77 million registered users.

Sony checked their systems and found a breach and the paper's label source is quoted as saying "Sony identified the weakness and plugged the gap."

On Friday 2nd March 2012, two men appeared at Leicester Crown Court accused of offences in connection with the alleged security breach. Both men denied charges under the Computer Misuse Act and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act and were released on bail.