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Weekly Music Entertainment News # 38

Since Snoop Doggy and Dr Dre wowed fans by staging Tupac's Virtual appearances at Coachella which in turn caused a media frenzy, it appears that other artists are jumping on the bandwagon.

Billboard have reported that since the Snoops performance at Coachella, Tupac's Greatest Hits Album  re-entered the Billboard 200 Charts.

It has been rumoured that the Jacksons may use the same technology to do a reunion concert with Michael Jackson and TLC have confirmed that they will do the same with the Late Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes as part of their Reunion Tour.

"The word anniversary means a celebration. For us, her death will never be a celebration, it's still something that hurts," Watkins said in a statement, with Thomas adding, "Lisa is our sister. You never get over losing a family member. We love her and we miss her and that isn't ever going to change."

Do you think that this is a good thing for fans to see or should artists the above mentioned artists be left to rest in peace?  I have been discussing this with quite a few people and have received mixed reviews.

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Weekly Music Entertainment News # 37

Who has been watching 'The Voice (UK)?'  Well I have to say I absolutely LOVE IT!

Not only does it have a great selection of judges (Jessie J, Danny O'Donoghue, will.i.am and Tom Jones), the talent is exceptional. X Factor and Britain's Got Talent better watch out because I believe it will only be a matter of time before this will be the UK' favourite talent show.

The Voice (UK) does not seem to be scripted like other shows and the judges give acts constructive criticism. I feel that the judges are all very professional but yet "down to earth."

A friend of mine Casius Henry has made it to the live shows and if you watched last week's show, you would probably agree with me in that he is a very talented vocalist.

I am not sure if I have a favourite act as yet as I like all of the artists for different reasons.

Who are your favourite artists on the show?

Wouldn't it be good if they done a talent show based on finding the next best 'Music Producer?'  I am sure someone will now probably take this idea and turn it intro reality- Reality TV is the way forward :)


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Weekly Music Entertainment News # 36

Chris Brown tops the UK Charts this week.

The R&B entertainer has gone from strength to strength in the last year and I have to say I think he deserves to be number 1. The video for this song "Turn up the music" is outstanding and his dancing ability is "second to none."  The video has had over 20 million views on youtube.

As for his upcoming album "MAY 8th!!!! FORTUNE!” Chris Brown tweeted on 22 March 2012.