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"I am here to help singers, songwriters and musicians learn the basics of Logic Pro X and more"

Love, learn, create and inspire

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Through my blogs, I would like to inspire and encourage musicians to share their feelings and thoughts through music.

I will teach you the basics of vocal production using  Logic Pro X. It is a powerful and versatile music production software that can be used to create professional-sounding music. It is a great tool for inspiring musicians to create their own unique sound. With its intuitive user interface, Logic Pro X makes it easy to record, edit, and mix music

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Keandre Willis

“Great tutorial, very informative and straight to the point.. love the way you explain things in detail! thank you! look forward to watching more of your vids"

High Society Song Channel

"Yes, this video is clear and concise, like instructional YT should be. I needed to share a song to prep for a performance. To email the song, I used Export as MP3 (the entire song), then Compress the File (to shrink it down a bit). I test mailed it, and it worked perfectly. Now it's off to my friend's house for prep. It appears that Ways 1 & 2 work well together. Thanks so much!!!"

Ste B

“Hi, Rochelle, your voice is amazing! Great 1st LPX tut too, Its great to see that your well in touch with your viewers, its so easy to follow a tut, ask a question and get nothing back but you genuninely wanna help which is cool! Anyway I'm off to watch part 2 :) Thank you Rochelle and all the best to you x”

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