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Creativity starts within

Rochelle is a blogger that is passionate about music production, singing, songwriting, traveling and inspiring others.

In her early 20s she realised that she enjoyed IT and Music Production so much that she started to learn applications such as Cubase SX and Pro Tools by reading books and practicing at home.  She later realised she wanted to take control of her music by not only writing her songs, but learning how to record her vocals on on top of music provided by other producers around the world.  She decided to do an evening class after work and study Music Production and Business so that she did not have to always rely on producers and music managers that would often let her down.

Nowadays, in her spare time she enjoys teaching Logic Pro X and takes pleasure in making music and also collaborating with other producers/artists around the world. 

However her true fulfilment comes from training people, and although her day job as an IT Lead Business Change Manager is quite similar in that she helps people adopt new technology, develops cultural and behaviour change, her passion really comes from teaching the basics of Music Production.  She enjoys assisting people in creating their own music, to enable them to feed their souls through their feelings and thoughts whilst songwriting, producing music and/or singing. She chose to do this on YouTube as she wanted to help those that perhaps could not afford to study in college or have the time to educate themselves full-time due to other commitments such as work.

"I never thought people would pay attention to me as I was a woman on YouTube teaching Logic Pro X and this is heavily dominated by men on this platform.  However I noticed through the comments I would receive, that people liked my simple, clear and brief teaching style and this made me realise that perhaps I can help others so continued to do so."

She also volunteered as a teaching assistant at Crisis (a UK Charity that supports the homeless) and would help teach singing and Logic Pro X alongside an amazing teacher and experienced musician called Neale Muldowney.  Neale spotted Rochelle's work on YouTube and told her about the charity and how they incorporate music to help the homeless be creative, which in turn can reduce mental health issues.  Rochelle grabbed the opportunity to utilise her skills and used her 'Volunteering Days' that she received from her day job.

Rochelle met some amazing but vulnerable people whilst working at Crisis and she found that the students would write about their tragic stories and create music from their hearts.  She often would see the passion in their eyes when they recorded their vocals.

Rochelle is influenced by 90s R&B and Hip Hop but also enjoys Reggae, Ballads, Pop, Afrobeats, and Acoustic soul music.

Rochelle is hoping to release her first EP in 2023

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