Be true to yourself

There are so many creative, ambitious individuals that have incredible, unique talent to share to the world. However due to self confidence, belief or money in most cases, some of us loose our way by moving away from what we are "meant to deliver" to the universe and instead follow current trends.

It is so important to be true to yourself and do things that are from your heart and soul, despite how obscure they may seem. A lot of people thought Einstein was mad, however he was actually highly intelligent and what some would call "quirky."

Millionaire and Film Producer Tyler Perry, was told that no one would watch his Theatre Production shows as "church people don't go to the Theatre" boy was they wrong.

Seth MacFarland (Comedian/Director/ Producer) (the highest paid in TV) had his film ideas rejected by top tv and film executives, however by sticking to his plans and being persistent, doors began to open for him.

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