5 cost saving tips when booking multiple flights

So you want to travel via plane to multiple destinations during one trip, but don't want to spend lots of money, what can you do?

1. Check whether one Airline travels to your desired destinations

If you find an Airline that does, this could be a bonus for you. For example, Delta fly to New York, Miami and Atlanta. If you wanted to visit all of these destinations, then book via Delta because it is more than likely that the flights would work out cheaper. "Use the Stop Overs if this is included in your route."

2. Learn about Airline Partnerships

Delta and Virgin Atlantic are in partnership, this again could be an advantage for you as you could make cost savings if traveling via 2 airlines that "co-share." Another advantage could be that the airlines travel to a wider range of destinations.

3. Baggage savings

Some airlines charge you for luggage, if you are staying for short periods of time at various destinations, it may be worth considering bringing hand luggage as this is usually free of charge!

4. Different days- different prices

Check whether certain days of the week are cheaper to travel? If so, work around these dates to save money and have more to spend whilst on holiday!

5. Timing is everything

Check in advance when low and high season ,impact the places you wish to visit.

If you have any tips you would like to share, please leave a comment :)

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