I recently took my mum to Dubai for her birthday.

It was my second visit and my mum's first, however it was great to see how the country had changed since my previous visit 2 years ago.

Dubai is known for it's glitz, glamour and over perfected landscapes and with Dubai hosting Expo 2020 , you could see the money and labour being invested to ensure that Dubai cements it's place on the world map, as being one of the luxurious countries on earth.

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time.

I would encourage first time visitors to purchase a City Sightseeing Hop - on, Hop - off bus pass as it will enable you to see some amazing sites at an affordable cost.

Take the open-top red bus to hop-on and hop-off one of the most cosmopolitan cities around the globe, and experience all its must-see attractions. Bus Stop 10 challenges shopaholics offering the Dubai Mall, the world largest shopping mall. Take a stroll among the latest trends in electronics, clothing, and shoes. Hop-off at Bus Stop 18 and visit the Jumeirah Mosque, a major Dubai landmark. This impressive structure will be engraved on your memory forever. And how to miss "The world's only 7-star hotel"? Just hop-off at Bus Stop 21 and admire the Burj Al Arab as it stands before you on a 280m artificial island.

Be sure to check out the Dubai Marina and go on one of the many boat trips they have to offer, to take in the views and feel the beautiful waves! There are array of restaurants and bars along the Marina, as well as market stalls. I would suggest visiting in the day and night to get a real sense of the ambience and make sure you have your camera ready to take the most picturesque snaps.

I would also suggest visiting Dubai's Aquarium, this is a place for kids and adults and it helps that it is situated in the Dubai Mall so you can shop and eat afterwards.

My favourite place Global Village, see video below to see why! However be sure to wear appropriate clothing when visiting here, females have to cover their shoulders and wear a skirt or dress below their knees. They made my mum tie her cardigan around her thighs because her skirt was just above her knee (laughing).

Places to dine

I couldn't believe I found a good Jamaican Resturant called Ting Irie, although it wasn't really authentic Jamaican food it had a very nice vibe. They played great carribean music and the service was exceptional. Rating = 7.5/10

Atlantis hotel have a buffet restaurant called Kaleidoscope Although the hotel was beautiful, I found some of the food to be luke warm and bland. For the price we all paid for our dinner, I expected better quality. Rating = 6.5/10

Cheesecake Factory at the Dubai Mall. The service and food here was brilliant, I could not find one possible fault. I would have went there everyday to eat hand I not went on the last day of my visit to Dubai :) Rating = 10/10 for service and food

Do's and Don't in Dubai

* No "making out" on the beach or any other public areas. Hotel only!

* Do not dress provocatively at Malls and public places

* If you take medication due to illness, check that it is acceptable to take to Dubai

* Holding hands in public is permitted if you are a married couple

* Respect the religion, especially during Ramadan

* Do not try to work in Dubai without a Visa

* Refrain from using offensive language

* Do not get drunk and act disorderly

Best time to visit.

Between October and March - the weather is bearable during this time but still very warm.

March to the first week in June - becomes very warm (think carribean weather)

If you can take 100 degrees plus heat, then go from June - end of September

NB Dubai is fully equipt with air conditioning!

On a whole Dubai is a beautiful country and has some exceptionally stunning places and landmarks. However I would also suggest that people visit the other side of Dubai which is known as the Old Town Dubai to see how the less wealthy live, as well as discover some real history. The bus tour will allow you to do this!

Watch the video below to get a real insight about what Dubai has to offer.

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