Blissful Portugal

I recently visited Portugal for 6 days and although I was there for a short duration, I crammed as much as I could into my trip.

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Highlights (Pros)

Sao Rafael Beach

We were told by a lovely Portuguese lady that worked at the Travel Shop to visit the beaches that the locals visited. Every place that she suggested we visit, whether it was for food or purely sighting seeing, we absolutely enjoyed.

Sao Rafael Beach was our favourite place, the sea was a lovely turquoise colour and you could use the caves as shade whilst sunbathing or simply relaxing on the beach. This beach is very small, quiet, picturesque and it felt like a hidden gem.

Lisbon (also known as Lisbon)

Lisbon reminded me a lot of Central London, with it's expensive shops and hustle and bustle. It is a very pretty city and although we done a one day excursion, we felt like we needed to stay for at least 2 or 3 days to get a real feel of the city. However what we saw in regards to their little cobbled side streets, architecture, museums, a variety of people from different cultures, was enough for us to become intrigued and want to see more.


Our hotel Vila Gale was 7 mins walk from Albufeira beach and the Old Town, basically everything was on our door step. The old town is great for adults with children, couples and people from say 30 upwards. They have everything in the Old Town, from little market stalls, boutiques, restaurants and the beach. We had dinner every night in Albufeira and most restaurants sold decent food.

Recommended Restaurants

Big Shanghai - (Chinese) - Albufeira 4/5

Bifanas lisbon - Portuguese restaurant - We wanted brunch and found this reasonably priced cafe where all the local were situated. The food was amazing and definitely traditional 5/5

Docaria Traditional (several doors down from the Ticket Shop in the Old Town), Albufeira - Great for dinner! Their Sea Bass and Brazilian steak are divine 4.5/5

Bank Steakhouse - If you like to cook your own steak on a Hot Stone, then this is the place for you. Atmosphere is nice 3.5/5

Pampas Steak House - Great for Steak and cocktails 4/5

Dom Carlos, Albufeira - Great for dinner. I had the best Seabass here. I would recommend this place for couples. It is very small but nice and intimate. 4.5/5


City Bus Tour

The City Bus tour last approximated one hour and 40 mins and it had a limited amount off interesting places to see. However Algarve is very beautiful and therefore it was nice to relax on the open top bus, with the sun beaming down whilst we were taking in the views.

Our Hotel

I was disappointed that they did not cater for people that did not eat pork, when it came to hot foods. I don't eat pork and asked for an Omelette and they used the same pan and skillet that they used to cook pork, to make my eggs. In light of this I could only eat fruit every morning, which was fine but sometimes I did feel like an Omelette and therefore sometimes skipped breakfast and ate elsewhere.

Another issue was that the hotel did not have an iron and we ended up having to buy one, as the hotel charged 5 Euros to iron one pair of trousers etc. We had a whole suitcase of clothes that required ironing and therefore would have been paying over 100 Euros.

I found the staff on the front desk to be quite gummy too. The hotel grounds are beautiful but it was a shame about the other things I've just mentioned.

Lagos and Sagres Tour (Half Day Tour)

This excursion was too short and Sagres had so much beautiful areas that we were not able to get off of the tour bus and see. I would definitely need to spend at least 1 or 2 whole days in Lagos and Sagres.

Overall I had an amazing trip and am looking forward to visiting again. I definitely want to visit Lisbon, Sagres and Saville for at least a couple of days each and perhaps Albufeira again next time!

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