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Updated: Jul 20

I find that when I am around people that are constantly talking about negative situations, my mood starts to shift and I start to feel sad or drained.

This is because the "negative" energy that we tend to give out or allow ourselves to receive, can cause us to consciously and/or unconsciously overshadow our positive spirit.

Unfortunately we are living in a time where "negative news, is popular news" therefore this is shoved down our throats through every media outlet and at times it may feel like we cannot escape it. BUT WE CAN!

You have probably heard the saying "our words are powerful," well this is true, so are our thoughts and actions. Therefore if you are always "thinking the worst" and speaking negatively, you will only start to feel depressed and quite often you may find yourself wallowing in self-pity and attracting negative energy. Therefore if we done the opposite, i.e. think and speak positively- then we should attract positive energy right? It is easier said than done, because life sometimes throws rocks at us that we simply cannot dodge!

However taking small steps, for example removing ourselves from toxic people, engaging less in negative conversations, thinking of positive outcomes, instead of obstacles are great ways to start improving the way we think.

We wouldn't water our plants with polluted chemicals, we would use fresh water." We should apply the same same thought, when feeding our brains i.e. instead of feeding it with negativity, we should try positivity!

Watch this inspirational short video below for some tips!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, so please share by leaving a comment below.

Have a blessed week ahead and remember "positive thoughts lead to a positive life!"

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