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Complete your Logic Pro X projects quicker by using shortcut keys

Using shortcut keys in Logic Pro X can help you work faster and more efficiently. It allows you to quickly access the tools and functions you need without having to search through menus or click through multiple windows. This can save you time and help you stay focused on the creative process.

Did you know that these are the most popular used Key Commands in Logic Pro X?

1. Command + N: Create a new project

2. Command + S: Save the project

3. Command + Z: Undo the last action

4. Command + Option + S: Save the project as a new version

5. Command + Option + N: Create a new track

6. Command + Option + I: Import audio or MIDI files

7. Command + Option + E: Export audio or MIDI files

8. Command + Option + R: Render

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Other Key Commands that you may find useful;

1. Command + Option + F: Find and Replace

2. Command + Option + P: Create a new plug-in

3. Command + Option + T: Create a new track template

4. Command + Option + U: Create a new user preset

5. Command + Option + V: Create a new virtual instrument

6. Command + Option + W: Create a new audio file

7. Command + Option + X: Create a new MIDI file

You can download this document and hang it in your music area, or save it to your phone or PC.

Logic Pro X Shortcut keys doc
Download PDF • 120KB

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