Where have I been? More Logic Pro X video tutorials

Due to my increasing workload in the last year or so and other personal factors, I have not been able to create many Logic Pro X video tutorials.

However since the Covid-19 pandemic I have noticed an increase in views via my YouTube channel and website, and viewers have been leaving such lovely comments and asking great questions.

I have always loved teaching Logic Pro X, I remember as a beginner I would sometimes search YouTube for tutorials and whilst there were some good content on there, sometimes I found them not to be clearly explained. This prompted me to create my own videos and teach them in the most basic but clear manner. The aim was always to help those that had a passion for making music, in particular people that perhaps could not afford to study music production.

I am back!

So I have decided to get back to what I love doing - and that's creating music and helping others!

Every Sunday I will be uploading a new video tutorial, and then every fortnight on a Wednesday I will be creating 'bite-size' videos of 2 mins or less.

Latest Logic Pro X Tutorial

In this week's video tutorial, I show you 19 shortcut keys that can help you work more efficiently when creating your Logic Pro X Project.

You can find a full list of the latest 10.5 Logic Pro X keyboard shortcuts at Apple.

Want more Logic Pro X Tutorials?

Remember to check out a variety of my Logic Pro X Tutorials for beginners here.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and in the meantime.......

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